Design Obfuscation

As modern chips are designed and fabricated in a global supply chain, circuit designs are vulnerable to many attacks by untrusted facilities such as the offshore foundries. Fabrication using untrusted facilities opens the possibility of piracy and overproduction. A malicious foundry can reverse-engineer the functionality of an IC or overproduce and sell unauthorized copies into the market. To counter these threats, our group is working towards various circuit obfuscation techniques that can prevent a circuit design from being pirated by an untrusted foundry. Obfuscation also enables mitigation of hardware Trojans. Without complete knowledge of the functional and structural characteristics of the IC, inclusion of effective hardware Trojans becomes difficult. We have developed a strong obfuscation driven chip design flow based on 2.5D ICs that can effectively obfuscate the functionality and layout of the designs and mitigate potential attacks. We have also developed a provably secure circuit block called ANTI-SAT to counter attacks based on the SAT formulation which have recently shown to break most state of the art approaches to logic obfuscation. We continue in our endeavors towards developing better approaches for design obfuscation.

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